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posted by: tab on: February 12th 2007 07:08 pm

Iíve decided to start a new weekly observance Ė the New Yorker of the week. It will be a way to give props to all those city cats and kitties who bring some flavor to the table. This weeks V.I.P is the adorable and loveable Roger Clark. If you donít know Roger Clark, heís Bronx born and raised in Queens (weíll give him a break cuz heís so darn cute) and NY1ís finest reporter. If you donít watch NY1, turn that dial and get with it. I feel NY1 is a necessity to all New York City residents before heading out the door. For those of you who donít have a TV, is a little corny looking but works about as well. Anyway, back to Roger. Heís a pudgy, nervous kinda guy who has very Larry David-ish tendencies but always has a smile on his face. Compared to creepy and weird as co-workers such as Pat Kiernan and George Whipple, our little Roger is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, his stories are uplifting in the early hours of getting ready for school. Who gives a fuck about things like war, the economy, or the elections? Clark covers important news, such as the annual dog show, elementary school art projects, and the new aquarium in Coney. What other brave individual would we willing to try out Nobuís food week dishes before anybody else? What kind of man could take off his shirt at a Japanese bath house and reveal his wonderfully terrible hairy chest to all of the 5 boroughs? A brave, terrific, shiny-faced, giggly, awkward, Roger Clark would. God Bless you baby. (Heís married, I know it sucksÖ)

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Wheezy / from: NY / Posted on: February 13th 2007 07:42 pm
George Whipple on New York 1, got a hairy ass and that's no fun

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