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posted by: Leah on: January 08th 2007 08:35 pm

Our favorite Chinaman, Will, turned a marvelous and astounding 29 years old last Friday, and as you know from the flyer we threw him a Thursday night birthday bash. It was complete with guests, gifts, cake, booze, and gambling. You know that if we had a good time, Will had a fucking amazing time. He even passed out! Enjoy the photo’s…

Will kept making up these crazy dances all night, we called this one “striking cobra”. The chick in the purple and dude in back of her were literally dancing all night just like that. It seems like they were on E, except they definitely weren’t. He would be rubbing her body and she’d be typing away on her sidekick. We got Will 3 Kung Fu movies and 1 about a Russian killer. He loved them! Will is a lightweight and got drunk pretty easily. As a matter of fact he passed out half way through his own party! Some water, cake, and dancing revived him though. On the way home we saw this mouse in the window of the Ralph Lauren store. We saw the lil cutie on the way to the party too. I hope they didn’t kill it!

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natapppeal / from: bklyn!!!! / Posted on: January 09th 2007 11:06 am
lmaooo at his tee shirt. was it donated from tab or jess??

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