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posted by: tab on: December 18th 2006 04:10 pm

My latest celebrity crush goes by the name of James “PJ" Ransone. I've known about this one since I first saw “Ken Park" (Larry Clark and Harmony Korine) about a year ago. The movie isn't available in the states due to a fight between distributors from what I understand, but my local video store had a VHS tape stashed away. I pulled out my childhood TV and watched it, and all I'm sayin' is don't watch it with your parents! If you've heard of PJ before it's probably through this movie. Basically he plays a psychotic teenager named Tate who has serious temper issues and an asphyxiation fetish that is displayed nice and lovely for you when he jerks off with a bath robe rope tied tight around his neck. Knowing the writer and director duo, you know they left nothing up to the imagination. How's that for an introduction? You can see Ransone in some other shit like “The Wire" (season 2) and a few movies dating back some years ago. Not to mention he was just in Spike Lee's “Inside Man" playing one of the bad guys. If you haven't seen that shit you have to because it's really good. He's a really talented actor (I'm not sucking up) and also a hero, according to my friend Chris and Page Six...

A while back my friend Chris told me this crazy story about his friend who happened to be an actor and live in the same building as him and how he saved this chick from being raped. I didn't think much of it, but when I scored the UNIQLO campaign and the list of “who's in it" was e-mailed to me, I recognized his name and googled him. Apparently he chased some guy in his boxers a couple blocks in the L.E.S with a metal pipe (Chris joined the chase – what a hero!) and cracked him over the head. I don't really care much for gallant dudes but come on, you know you love that story. He does it all! Jerks off for the camera, robs banks with Clive Owen, saves girls from rape, lives in Manhattan, models for UNIQLO, and he's cute too. What more could we ask for?

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