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posted by: Leah on: January 02nd 2007 07:21 am

Did you make a resolution this year? You know you did! Every New Years everybody always makes a promise to themselves to make themselves or their life better (or to get a six pack). But rarely do they follow through with it. We asked some of our favorite and flavorful characters of NYC what they wanted to do for this 2007. We know these people will be sticking to what they say...
RICKY POWELL- Many resolutions but many regrets as well.
AURESSA (Tabatha's freind from school who is also a teenage mom)- Fuck wack niggaz cuz they ain't worth it, get them for they money.
CC MCGURR- Take lots of trips with my girls and not let the stress eat me alive.
EL PREZ- Concentrating on what makes me happy and focusing on what I want out of life.
NIRE - Make my ass fatter.
JEST- To teach the youth.
TABATHA- Finish junior year on a good note, make boys cry and get into a fist fight and win.
JAURETSI SAIZABITORIA- To go serrato, after ten years of lugging vinyl up a 3 story walk-up.
JACKIE O'NASTY- To Stop eating with my hands, shave my legs, be more classy (if possible) and clean up my gutter mouth. And of course the old make tones of money!
FUTURA- Learn Chinese.
MEGA- To smoke all toys that be fronting and flossing.
As for me- Major changes are occuring in 2007 both personally and professionally. I vow to do this: Make my voice louder and more globally heard. And to keep representing for all my like minded bitches. You know who you are, and you know you who ain't! BIG THINGS.

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