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posted by: tab on: January 14th 2007 07:46 pm

Everyone’s had to go through school, and you all know how boring that shit gets. Especially 10th period Marine Biology with Mr. Wang, who aside from being a sweetheart, does not understand English. That’s ok, he’d give me an 85 if I came to school once a month anyway. So, what can you do when your teacher is trying to pronounce words and there are only 3 other kids in class and they are either listening to raggaeton or sleeping? Well I’ll tell you what I do. I get one of the health text books from the front of the class and write some dialogue between the now ironic, then corny 90’s text book models. I even get bummed when the bell rings!

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2 comment/s for blog ID#: 473

cmillion22 / from: LONG BEACH / Posted on: January 20th 2007 03:09 pm
hahahah funniest shit ever.

DsClassic / from: Bronx, NYC / Posted on: January 15th 2007 03:23 pm
LMFAO @ "You Will Smith wanna-be"

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