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posted by: tab on: December 17th 2006 03:48 pm

If you hang out Downtown or know about “art stuff" then you must be aware that a so-called “art revolution" is going on at that beautiful old building down on Elizabeth and Spring. That's my corner of choice to chill on, so I've been seeing the slow progression of “street art" being plastered all over it. It started off with random pasted up shit and graffiti, which didn't even look bad. It gave the corner flavor and made nice symmetry with the other corner building on Bowery and Spring. However, the corner started looking more and more like a Disney showcase or a 6 year olds coloring book as of late. The art up there is garbage and makes the block look like sell-out bullshit like the rest of lower Manhattan is starting to look. Since the building is being renovated on Monday, they decided to put it up for the week as public property where every jerk and his Mom could come and “throw something up". Leah, Rob, Kimmy and I walked past it on Thursday night and watched in horror as little hipsters with gold Krylon wrote “meaningful and politically ironic" things all over the landmark – in all seriousness. Kim and I got so mad we started yelling at the curator that it was trash and dude told me to go back to New Jersey! Do I look like I'm from Jersey, bitch? Either way they had an all weekend party celebrating the works of art inside the building which I wasn't aware about. I went to check it out and I'm still not impressed. Sure, a few good artists did pieces in there (such as Ssur and Kostas) but I'm over the whole thing. Maybe I just don't get it. All the uptown art folk loved it, as well as the New York Times and the young out of town kids that go to Parsons. But what the fuck do they know? You call that an art movement? A free space where everyone can show off their works? That aint shit, that is the pussy way to get up. I know people who run across roof tops and get arrested to get their name out there. Those are the real deal street artists. A gallery is one thing, and that's great, but taking the opportunity of a legal surface to get credit is really weak. Not to mention, the white and red wine at the opening fucking SUCKED!

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