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posted by: tab on: January 16th 2007 08:02 pm

The 60’s were about short bright dresses and knee high socks, the 70’s were about eccentric prints and growing your hair, the 80’s are responsible for weird shaped clothing and dressing like you’re from mars, and the 90’s – my era – was about denim, sneakers, skating, tacky fabrics and lip liner. These days, fashion and looks are so unoriginal. Everybody takes the fashion they think was cool from the old school and try to pass it off as their own. Not only has it been done before, but you’re revival is executed all wrong. These are my right and wrongs on the art of biting off an older generation.


The ideal girl of the 60s was pretty, wholesome, and slightly eccentric as far as colors and patterns went. Flower’s were really in and it was the beginning of a new and more exciting way of dressing.

These days you see some of these 60s birds around the L.E.S sitting at vegan cafes (though they rock fur and leather) and smoking skinny cigarettes. They drink wine at dinner time and wear white cotton panties. They’re often stuck up and date guys that are from Michigan. HOW ITS DONE: the way to pull this era off is by paying attention to detail. You don’t need the twiggy dress and plastic boots to get it right. Long natural hair, oddly colored stockings and pale lipstick would work well for the purposes of being a 60s-esque lady. Don’t forget having a dope collection of vinyl and wearing a nightgown to dress.


I was certainly not born in the 70s so I got my fashion smarts on this period of time from watching movies and doing some research. Apparently, the big hits in this time were furry boots, long denim skirts, pleated skirts, logo tee’s (painfully naive logos), Afghan coats, Adidas shit, Chucks, and “baby clothes” (for teenage girls that have babyish prints on them like ducks or toys – obviously a big trend amongst the Urban Outfitters kids) to name a few.

I feel like the most over-done 70s look in today’s society is that of American Apparel towel shorts, basketball socks and leotards. Sure it’s hot thinking of all those 70s Playboy girls laying in the sun with big hair, big glasses, and lace-up leather sandals, but these days? They are all girls who migrate from Los Angeles and have crusted up coke in their noses. They don’t have the class of 70s females. HOW ITS DONE: Towel shorts sure are cute though, so why not wear them around the neighborhood for a morning run? Add airmax and you’ve blended the look in into the year 2007 without trying too hard. If you get a running migrane you can always honor the disco age by smoking a joint!


Apparently the 80s were a really fun and crazy. I didn’t make the cut though. The hot 80s items were frilly night slips worn as casual wear, snap on bracelets (brought back in the 90s KEYFOOD vending machines), tapered pants, cotton pants with drawstrings (research tells me that in JHS tied strings meant you were taken and untied strings meant you were single), fringed denim jackets, Betty Boop, and classic cartoon logos like Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in hip hop gear.

The 80s have made a terrible comeback in our society. It aint much of a comeback, actually. It’s more of a depressing regurgitation of what once was new. The 80’s kids have actually made a bad mix of 80’s and 90’s gear and their headquarters are Broadway and Soho. They walk back and fourth in the area with Fresh Prince caps, big dookie chains, sneakers that make you wonder if the guys at Rays put acid on your pizza, and even hairdo’s that scream stupidity. Why are you people dressing like that? The 80s weren’t about the limitations of Broadway. There was novelty and creative input in the process of getting dressed. Even “downtown” based brands are putting out 80s and 90s-esque gear and it makes no sense. Why copy what was already done 20 years ago? Their style might have been interesting, but did they have Bluetooth? Did they offer a $14.99 unlimited texting plan? I don’t think so! HOW ITS DONE: Listening to punk music, wearing extremely tight tapered jeans with boots, and not wearing anything under your leather jacket is what I recommend of said era.


This was my time! In my young mind, I ruled the 90s. I was totally on top of shit in school and on the playground. I remember this era as being pretty corny and tacky, which has become “ironic coolness” these days, sort of like wearing a shirt that says “Jesus and the apostles Christmas show in town this week!” and getting praise for it. Straight hair with highlights, St. Marks style “mean people suck” or “I had moo tanny beers!” shirts, Tiny backpacks and plastic box shaped purses, baggy jeans, sparkly butterfly hair clips, snap-backs, Airwalk sneakers, skate companies, skateboards, Jeans worn with half your boxers showing, Doc Martens, a flannel button down tied around your waist with another button down on, overalls, see through shirts, beepers, Smiley face logo’s and bucket hats. How corny and amazing does all that shit sound? And yet its not meant to be done again.

Here is where kids mix 80s and 90s up. They put the colorful windbreakers with the tapered jeans, the door knockers with slouchy boots, and the Jordans with leather jackets and fitteds. Still tripping off of my 1998 shrooms, my friends? Maybe you were all holding on to this shit because you were scared of Y2K but we’re still alive for now, and we need to lead out future generations into new and fascinating fashion trends. HOW ITS DONE: it’s kind of too soon to tell, but shorts, overall shorts, and crazy thongs are really all that I deem acceptable to today’s society from the 90’s closet. Maybe gold jewelry and bugged sneakers if you know how to wear them, but I wouldn’t count on it for most people. Before I wrap this little fashion era piece, I have to give you my word on “streetwear”. If you aren’t a street kid and you buy into the streetwear game, you’re basically corny. But if you grew up in a booming city of culture and you buy into it, you’re even cornier. You ARE streewear! You’re not supposed to buy the shit that was created after what you stand for and what you grew up in. Tough guys in Brooklyn don’t need an all over print gun and bag of coke hoodie because they sell coke and carry guns! Be about it, don’t buy about it. Questions, Comments? E-mail us at [email protected]

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__hoodrats / from: Edmonton, Alberta / Posted on: January 17th 2007 08:00 pm
"Be about it, don’t buy about it." -Amen.

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